Visual Design and User Experience

A review of the VDUX course from IIT Hyderabad

Here are some tips to help you make the most of this course:

  1. Be present: And I don’t mean for the attendance. You get what you put in. Keep your camera on during the sessions, take notes, engage in the discussions, and sign up for the Office Hours. The faculty is really generous with their time and knowledge. Make the most of it.

  2. Manage your time: The assignments will feel overwhelming especially if you also need to juggle a full time job in addition to the course work. Managing your time at work and outside of it will be crucial. I used a project tracker for larger assignments and a checklist for the smaller ones. It also helps to add key deadlines to your calendar as there may be weeks where you are working on multiple assignments.

  3. Trust the process: Some of the sessions may feel redundant or repetitive, especially if you already have a design background. But stick with it and don’t lose focus. The discussions and assignments are built in a way that helps you gain new insights that you may not be able to derive on your own.

  4. Engage with your classmates: Our Cohort had participants from different industries, with a wide range of experience, which helped us evaluate the information from a different perspective. I learnt a lot not just from the faculty but also from the discussions we had outside of the sessions.

  5. Understand the Certificate requirements: This is really important to make sure you don’t lose out on the certificate after completing the whole course. In order to be eligible for the Completion Certificate, you need at least 90% attendance and an overall grade of at least 60%. If you meet the attendance criteria but your grade is less than 60%, you will only get the Participation Certificate. If you miss the criteria for either category, you won’t get the certificate at all. The Talentsprint Portal helps you track your attendance and grades so if you are going below the required percentage, make sure you address this before the Campus Visit.