Visual Design and User Experience

A review of the VDUX course from IIT Hyderabad

This is my personal review of the Post Graduate Certificate Program in Visual Design and User Experience course offered by IIT Hyderabad in collaboration with Talentsprint. I was part of the third cohort of this program which started in January 2023 and ended in July 2023.

I put together this website as I couldn't find any reviews of the program when I was considering signing up for it. Hope this helps some of the future students. Here's a quick summary of the review. You can find more details about the course and resources that helped me by exploring the other sections of this website.

Course Content.......... ... ★★★★★
.......................... .. .★★★★★
Learning Experience... ..★★★★★
Learning Platform
... .... ..★★★★☆
................ ............★★★☆☆

Would I recommend this course?
For the course content and the faculty - definitely! The sessions are insightful and inspiring. The professors are knowledgable, approachable, encourage discussions, and are open to feedback (a very rare quality in academia). This is a one-of-a-kind course that packs in way more than it promises.

However, the way the course is managed by Talentsprint makes you want to pull out your hair at times. Deadlines are communicated, then moved without intimation, and you usually don’t get a clear or useful response when you ask for an update. Our transcripts arrived nearly a month after our graduation and the placement support that some of my batchmates were banking on is nowhere to be seen. For most of my interactions, I got a better result by writing directly to the faculty instead of going via Talentsprint. [This feedback has already been communicated with Talentsprint and I hope they address these issues for future Cohorts].


As this is a Post Graduate course for working professionals, some level of self-learning is expected. This section will include some of the resources I found useful while working on my assignments.

  • UI/UX/Figma

  • UX Case Studies

  • Graphic Design

  • Filmmaking

  • Animation

  • Academic/Research Posters

silver iMac displaying color gradient
silver iMac displaying color gradient

Beyond the Course

  • Practice Projects

  • Creating your Portfolio

  • Resume Tips

  • Interview Prep

black smartphone near person
black smartphone near person