Visual Design and User Experience

A review of the VDUX course from IIT Hyderabad

Class Schedule

Once you've signed up, you'll have two orientation sessions. The first one is for the platform that Talentsprint uses to deliver the course (ipearl) and the second one is the faculty introduction. Read through the Academic Guidelines and check the Program Schedule for a calendar of the sessions.

The classes are held via Zoom every weekend, from 10 am to 1 pm (sometimes extending up to 1:45 pm). You can access the sessions through the Virtual Classroom link in the Talentsprint Portal. The Portal automatically starts tracking your attendance when you join in through the link and during the session there will be three polls to verify your attendance. The session recordings and attendance is usually updated in a couple of days and you can track your attendance in the Attendance Report section in the Portal. If your attendance dips below 90%, you won't get the certificate (regardless of your grades) so make sure your keep track of your attendance and flag it to support if it's incorrect.

Each module will have a few assignments which you can view in the Assignments Schedule in the Portal. The schedule includes the assignment brief, a submission link and the deadline for the submission. As per the guidelines, there's a 5% penalty per day for late submissions, but in our group I didn't see anyone impacted by it. In our Cohort, we had 15 assignments totaling 150 marks but this may change based on the number of assignments you get. Once the assignments are scored, the marks and feedback will show in the Gradebook section. You need at least 60% marks in order to get the certificate. The assignments make up for 50% of your grades and the Capstone and presentation has 50% weightage. If your score dips below 60% or is close to it, you may need to make it up in the Capstone.

For some assignments, the faculty may also be available for Office Hours. You will get an email when Office Hours are scheduled and you can also check the Office Hours link in the Portal to sign up. There are usually four to eight 15 minute slots available per Office Hours so sign up as soon as you get the email otherwise you won't find an available slot.

The Portal also has a section for discussions but our Cohort didn't use it. We had a Whatsapp group created at the start of the Cohort which was very helpful for getting updates especially when we had issues with the emails not getting delivered.